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To me the  natural world is not an externalisation but inherently a part of me,  that is to say it is a part of what I consume, therefore with respect, my expression is to capture a sensory reflection of being at one with nature. 

For as long as I can remember,  nature has been a place of  celebration and renewal  where I found  peace and silent reflection. There are a multitude of sensations to be  experienced  being in the landscape.  a desire to be quiet and listen to the sounds of birds,  the bursts of colour and feel of the seasons, the time and the temperature of the day, the ever changing shadows,  watching the waves  and knowing that this view will never be exactly the same again,  has a magical feel about it. 

The process of working with materials that help tell the story is an integral part of my process.  Mark making is a process I start with.   I work mainly in oil paints and acrylics  that are thinly applied and poured in numerous thin layers.  The line, the abstract space and colour all create rhythms within the work, every new mark on the surface causes a chain reaction and opens up new possibilities within the work.

My paintings become an expression for what I am feeling. Most often in reverence to capture  the natural beauty, colour and ultimately the sensory simplicity of nature around me.  I feel the colours of the landscape, as well as the sensed experience of it.  The abstraction allows for a layering of meaning that can be experienced in unison, the painting therefore is never static, yet there is an element of spirit and connection,   something just beyond the visible that I hope resonates with the viewer.

Judith Newman


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