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Artist Statement

For the past few years I struggled with what to paint. I had gone through another  inward phase,  and could not find my self in the old  recognisable places, it was most challenging, I had surrendered to yet another process of dissolving. 

Now  back with a new body of work & vocabulary.   This  series of work,  is simply authentic energetic communication .  

What I noticed over the years the work kept  simplifying. Less relatable to  the known reality.  In silence was found the sublime connection.  Some may call it Mystical ... The word Art is ARS which means joining, The word Yoga means union,  both major aspects of my life, so in fact life was being lived with little input from the individual.  

For as long as I can remember,  nature had been a place of immense joy and  renewal,   where I found  peace and silent reflection in the changing seasons, colours of  immense beauty,  a peace & quiet, listen to the sounds of birds,  the bursts of colour of the seasons.  There is something magical  in knowing I am truly one with all of nature.  The world is not what we see,   it is the way we see it.  

 In silence is found the sublime, I discovered my entire life has been the ultimate work of art.


I found that Abstraction allows for an amazement of discovery that can be experienced in unison, the painting therefore is never static, yet there is an element of spirit and connection,   something just beyond the visible that I hope resonates with the viewer. 

I can only hope I do justice in conveying the sublime beauty of  this magical  world.

Judith Newman


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