At this  time of great change,   I speak to, and point to your true nature, this is  for  anyone wanting to make the shift from busy mind,  to recognise  who you truly are...

Absolutely Nothing has power over the Infinite Being ...

It is your  freedom  ...   to live  in joyous surrender.

With tools to live with recognition & surrender,  while living in the world, is important & easy. 


Effortless being,  peace, exquisite love & joy  is the limitless eternal NOW of your true nature. 

One to one sessions with me Via Zoom...  contact details are on the Home page.     Namaste🙏🏼❤️

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 My name is Judith Newman.


I was a painter & yoga teacher for many years. Then  20 years ago,  something happened that changed the course of my life forever. I had an awakening  to a love so pure  and limitless that brought tears of joy. This was early 2000. 

I  then wandered through a minefield of emotional & mental realms trying to find it again.  I was studying Art & Yogic science and  taught Meditation & Yoga at the time. 

It took many years of integration before  I learned  what being in the world but not of it meant.

 In the process of integration,  I allowed  the contrast in order to understand the lower realms. 

 Out of which came an important component that linked my studies in yogic science &   meta physics,  The understanding of Gravity, Time & space  in order to navigate through  life in the physical realm. 

 Our ever present true nature  & freedom is veiled by the character we play.   Wisdom,  unconditional love,  childlike joy and sensory, effortless, limitless being is our true nature. 

Remaining as pure awareness, is blissful,  artists & Creatives know that the magic comes from this pure authentic effortless place within. 

We are multidimensional beings, restricted & controlled by our own limited human perceptions. 

To be,  in joy and appreciate life through the senses, by realising  the constant, is truly sublime. All is well,  becomes true,  suffering ends and thus is a life expanded. 


My teachers are  Nature, great Australian artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of personal practice, yogic sciences, Meta physics, Tantra  &   As a Kriya initiate of Yoganandya's teachings.

 I  now live  as a writer, painter,    Meditation teacher & pointer to the truth. 

 As a consciousness  guide


 Judith can be contacted via the  services page on this website.  

There are useful topics discussed on YouTube @.  Judith Newman channel.