This  is the greatest time of freedom that is available to all. What does that mean? ... an  opportunity to realise your true nature.  The guidance to make this shift from the past into the future....  of freedom. 

The Direct Experience  that is offered here is Reclaiming your  freedom from within.

In one to one sessions Via Zoom... see contact page.

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My Story

My name is Judith Newman I work as a Guide to point directly to who you are.  

 living in Melbourne Australia. 

 Having gone from  An Artist who painted realism to  non conceptual painting. 

 The  paintings are congruent with the  invitation to sense who we truly are ....

The Direct Experience approach is  a one to one guided session to  our true nature, that is ever present. 

Any creative person knows that the magic comes from this pure place within, 

With the art,  the viewer is invited to allow the paintings to wash over them, to be drawn into sensing & feeling them.

They are a way to go beyond the veil of conceptual meaning.

My passion is to help others connect, enjoy and appreciate life through the senses, and to realise ones  true nature.

 I finally arrived, through many years of contemplation and soul searching.

My teachers were  great Australian artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of yogic practice. Also as a yoga teacher myself.

Meditation on  presence. 

J. Newman.


For a 1 hour session via Zoom .. please send me an email:    directpointing@gmail.com

and I will forward the details.