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 Effortless Being

At this  time of great change,


Are you ready for freedom?
It requires nothing other than recognition.

 I act as a guide to bring ones focus inward & point to who you truly are, effortlessly being here, now. 


We all have access to this peace & wisdom. What I have experienced in time,  is similar to what is happening  on the planet now.    share it with you. 


Conversations are private one-on-one and conducted on Zoom or In-person....  contact form is below.    



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True Nature.


My name is Judith Newman.

I have been a painter & yoga teacher for many years.  20 years ago,  something happened that changed the course of my life forever. I had an awakening  to a love, expansion  and limitless that brought tears of joy. This was 2002. Now in 2022 as I look back over this past 20 years, it has all been about  FREEDOM, and the experiences it took  to get here. 

Wandering through a minefield of emotional & mental experiences and bringing all to wisdom ,  and acceptance that freedom, peace and happiness is and was always here. 


 In the process of integration,  I learned about what energy really is. 

 Out of which came an important component that linked my studies in yogic science &   meta physics,  The understanding of Gravity, Time & space, and so much more.

     The. basis of all is love, happiness  and  limitlessness, it is our true nature, that is ever-present .

  Artists & creatives know that the magic comes from this pure authentic effortless place within. 

We are multidimensional beings, only restricted  by our own limited human perceptions. It takes  responsibility to claim our true freedom. 

There is deep peace,  joy and appreciation of life,  through a clear lens.   


My teachers are  Nature, great Australian artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of personal practice, yogic sciences, Meta physics, Tantra  &   As a Kriya initiate of Yoganandya's teachings.

 I  now live  as a writer, painter,  teacher & pointer to the truth. 

 As a consciousness  guide


 Judith may be contacted via  details below...

There are useful topics discussed on YouTube @.  Judith Newman channel.


Contact Me

Melbourne, Australia.

61+ 484331298

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