At this  time of great change,   I speak to, and offer conscious  guidance to anyone wanting to make the shift from the struggling human,  to recognise the lasting Freedom of your true nature...

It is really very simple.

From the darkness of ignorance,  to the light of recognition and understanding who you truly are.

Recognising Simplicity   is what's offered here.   Resting and operating as your natural state of effortless being.

In one to one sessions with me Via Zoom... Please see contact page for details.   Namaste🙏🏼❤️

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My name is Judith Newman I work as a Guide to point clearly & simply  to who you truly are.  

 I live in Melbourne Australia. 

 Having gone from  an Artist who painted realism to  non conceptual painting. 

 The  paintings are congruent with the  invitation to sense what is within  you ....

The Simple Recognition approach is  a one to one guided session to recognise  true nature, that is always present. 

I recognised my true nature, 20 years ago, and then wandered through a minefield of searching to understand what had happened to me. I studied Yogic science and taught Meditation & Yoga.

Many years later I realised what was already present,  and in the process of integration,  I also allowed a recognition  through contrast.  Happiness  and childlike joy is my true nature.   What I help others with,  is the integration & stabilising  period of this blissful state of  freedom. 

Artists & Creatives know that the magic comes from this pure place within. 


With the art,  the viewer is invited to allow the paintings to wash over them, to be drawn into sensing & feeling them as a way of recognising ones own effortless being.

 To be,  in joy and appreciate life through the senses, by  realising  the constant. As above so below becomes true, and thus is a life fulfilled.

My teachers were  great Australian artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of personal practice, yogic sciences, Tantra. & Kriya initiate.

Now a Spiritual guide,  Art  & Meditation teacher & mystic.


J. Newman.