At this  time of great change,   I speak to, and point to your true nature, this is   for  anyone wanting to make the shift from  suffering,  to recognise  who you truly are...

It is really very simple.

From the darkness of ignorance,  to the light of your true nature.   As pure infinite awareness.  The ultimate recognition of what was right here, all the time, and can  never not be.

This is what's offered here.   Resting and operating as Pure infinite awareness.  Effortlessly  being,  peace,  joy,  and love as the limitless eternal unknown .

In one to one sessions with me Via Zoom... Please go to the services  page for details & contact.   Namaste🙏🏼❤️

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 My name is Judith Newman.


 The Simple Recognition approach is  a one to one guided session where I point to your  true nature, that is always present but lies dormant until one wakes up.... I have simplified this pointing from my own experiences, and I  share it with anyone who contacts me.  


I recognised my true nature, some  20 years ago, and then wandered through a minefield of searching to understand what had happened to me. I was studying Yogic science and  taught Meditation & Yoga at the time. 

It took many years of integration before  I realised what was already present.  In the process of integration,  I also allowed the  contrast through doubting myself  (I wouldn't recommend that to any one). That's why a teacher is a good idea.

 The ever present love & freedom is veiled by the character we play.    Happiness,  childlike joy and effortless being is our true nature. It is a good thing to have  an understanding of the lower realms in order to navigate through the gravity of life.

Remaining as pure awareness, is blissful,  artists & Creatives know that the magic comes from this pure genuine effortless place within. 

To be,  in joy and appreciate life through the senses, by realising  the constant, is truly sublime. All is well,  becomes true, and thus is a life fulfilled.

My teachers are  Nature, great Australian artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of personal practice, yogic sciences, Tantra. &   As Kriya initiate of Yoganandya's teachings.

 I  now live  as a writer , painter,   Meditation teacher & pointer to the truth. 

 As a consciousness  guide,


 Judith can be contacted via the  contact page on this website.