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All is well...

Updated: Jun 2

Yes indeed, all is well in all of creation.

You have the choice to shift

your focus from drama and separation (outside),

To the ever present love and connection within,

where one sees clearly for the first time.

This has been said in many different ways over the ages...

Watch with clarity the invitations of the mind, into "the game of separation"

The mind cannot be still, it needs to contextualise everything...

judging and projecting to create drama for games of power ...

(us against them, they are weird blah blah blah ...

much like high school bullying, to maintain a position of popularity.

The quiet ones were misunderstood and unpopular

often because they were not seeking power,

Misunderstanding is the biggest threat to a mind..

What do they know that I don't?

Challanges are sent to grow and become free...

To the mind "The Unknown" is seen as pointless nonsense.

Wake up & See, that there is no separate self...

Simply peaceful, still, non-conceptual awareness..

In this NOW, there is the beauty of experiencing as pure energy.

It is vast, peaceful, pure bliss...

Be silent and know this ...


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