Simple Recognition of Effortless Being

Simple Recognition is a pointing to our true nature.  

Then an unveiling of all that has been believed to be true but isn't,  can be seen and falls  away. This may happen instantly or gradually, but when it is recognised all the suffering comes to an end.  There is a period of dissolving that follows.  But our true nature can never be lost, it lies dormant in the background until we decide to wake up.  You are pure free being,  Awareness.

It is important to understand a few simple tools for navigating the worlds with clarity. 

And in my opinion , vital for this new way of being. In yoga we called them the 5 Kosha's or energy bodies. 

In a world where money is fast becoming worthless, Humanity is at a crossroad as to find what true worth really is. It is what is within all beings, but veiled by the many distractions we have believed and pursued to be happy over time. 

 Now many humans are seeing through the illusion of power,  and want to be free, but how? is the question I often have people ask me.


​The Simple Recognition approach is  a one to one guided session where I point to your  true nature, that is always present but lies dormant until one wakes up.  I  show you how to recognise & connect to your true being.    

I recognised my true nature, some  20 years ago, and then wandered through a minefield of searching to understand what had happened to me. I was studying Yogic science and  taught Meditation & Yoga at the time. 

Many years later  I realised what was already present,  and in the process of integration,  I also allowed the  contrast through doubt,    and it was totally unnecessary,  as I was already home.    Happiness, Peace, and effortless being is our true nature.  Now one has the wisdom too.

There must be an understanding of the lower realms in order to navigate through the density/gravity of the world. 

Remaining as pure awareness, is blissful,  artists & Creatives know that the magic comes from this pure genuine effortless place within, this is our true nature.

To be,  in joy and appreciate life through the senses, by realising  the constant, is truly sublime. As above so below becomes true, and thus is a life fulfilled.

My teachers are  Nature, great  artists, swami's & sages in the Himalayan mountains and years of personal practice, yogic sciences, Tantra. &   As Kriya initiate of Yoganandya's teachings.

Now  I live  as a writer , painter,   Meditation teacher & pointer to the truth. 

 As a consciousness  guide.

 I may be contacted via the contact form below.


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