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In gratitude...

Updated: Apr 12

Being in a state of gratitude

for all the wisdom of experience in this life.

There is a lightness of being...

Noticing the awareness of infinite possibilities,

And instant clarity and peace is present.

Noticing a feeling of excitement,

arising in the body .

Where there was anger at the demiurge energy that

appeared in various forms...

for the whole of ones life experience.

Now is seen as the ultimate gift of freedom,

There is true liberation.

Freedom from the density of gravity.

Finally the way out of suffering and into true sovereignty...

the heart began to sing once more.

So light, so free, so full of love and joy.

This natural state of effortless being was always present...

silently waiting until the right moment...

As the saying goes...

"Knowing thy self"

Blessings 🙏🏼💖

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