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Direct pointing to true nature.
A Virtual Conversation.

 The Natural state...

                 In our dialogue I help you recognise that which is already present, as your natural state.  I point to what is permanent and what is impermanent. A great deal of  integration & guidance is also needed,  I offer this in "Beyond realisation" talks. 

In duality we see the masculine as mind and the feminine as creative. However in ones higher octave,  or (singularity).... one recognises the grasp of fear and desire,  are of the mind,  and now sees the temporary nature of identity.  We can only know what is true,  by having experienced what is not true.

 True Nature is both empty of form & as limitless as an open field of pure potential,   fully integrated formless, peaceful & free, this is the body of wisdom and what is referred to as " I ".

 We all have the opportunity to awaken to our natural state, to live in peaceful harmony with all that is. 

Safe in the knowing that there is only infinite awareness ever present, silent and free,  that is what's here,

never changing, soft & open, peaceful,  formless appearing as form, emptiness appearing as being. 

There is great humility in this recognition.  Effortless being,  free to fully allow all to pass through in silent non-grasping awareness, joyful in every moment of consciously created experience. 

             It is an honour to point you to what is already present,  this is where the separate self ends  and

                                                          " I " consciousness Am.           

  Beyond the mind,  there is unimaginable freedom & beauty,  free of concepts.

         With expanded hearts feeling, & sensing into the expansiveness...  

      I  give you nothing,  but point to what is your true nature ... Your true nature is Freedom & Peace.

   This is not a spiritual teaching, it is simply pointing to the truth of what is already present.  Realisation is not the end,  as this recognition gradually deepens with wisdom, personal will  falls away,  unveiling the innocence of being,  the true meaning of exquisite love and joy with all of life and beyond.  

If you wish to know yourself...

                                                   You may get in touch via the contact details below.

                                                                        Blessings 🙏🏼.


LET GO , you are safe. 

Recognising  your true nature  is already present.
A Pointing to what is always  present,   effortlessly  here, right now. 

It is so simple...

Peace & happiness is what you truly are,  often overlayed with conditioned mind and  self identity.

 I recognised what I am through Art and now I use Art as one of the avenues of expression. 

* I  hold  private one-on-one  conversations conducted on    Zoom or In-person, via the contact form below.  

* There are free weekly group meetings via zoom for those  who wish to join.  (Please note any last minute cancellations  will be notified on Facebook page). 

* There's also  lots of free writings and video's on this website  to help with integration after realisation, and some of the pit    falls to avoid.


* All Blog information is offered on a gift basis. However If you wish to donate as an energy exchange,  you can send the contribution to email below. It helps keep the material available for all.   

Thank You.


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