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A New World View ... shaken not stirred

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

So how do you feel now, having read and listened to the previous post titled "A deep dive"? The world is like a virtual snow globe shaken to its core, with mind left in pieces shattered and sent tumbling into oblivion with nothing making sense at all.

The dismantling going on in the outer world, is indicative of a dismantling that is going on within.

The reorientation is a long period of turning inside out, this is uncomfortable and often painful for the human identity, all the bullshit is revealed. Tedious and painful human beliefs are seen for what they truly are, stuck energy. That keeps one in a loop of lifetimes on this gravitational pull of survival. Some live their whole life this way from birth to death in old age, without waking up, having accumulated wealth and material comforts, thinking this is the ultimate goal (piscean age).... neither view point is wrong, it is all a choice.

However when childish power games and temper tantrums no longer hold interest, one is ready for clarity. One may have an awakening to something beyond the limits of the cycle of birth and death. Suddenly you're free falling, life falls apart and it is a scary and confusing time. This begins the search for understanding and usually a teacher arrives for this very need, in the beginning a discipline of some kind is followed. Mine was yogic practice and the study of yogic philosophy . This was my story way back in the late 90's, although my whole life I felt incomplete, the nagging question was ... who am I ? & Why am I here? there's got to be more to this than birth, work hard and then get old & wait for death. I felt lonely even in a room full of people. It takes enormous dedication and a lot of sacrifice to stay on the path of discovery.

The ultimate search is the search for freedom. Freedom from what ? To wear a mask or not wear a mask? or freedom from restrictions? The inquiry is, who is asking?

On the ultimate level it is the removal of the mask of illusion.

Whether it is external seeking for validation or internal seeking for validation, both these theories are concepts of mind. One can be seen as energy feeding and the other as energy depleting, because who you are is dependant on who people have told you you are.

You see, both have become psychologically identified with the idea of themselves. Both without knowing what "it" is, simply a theory searching for something unattainable. The ego is an extremely limited concept of one's self. Seeking is a response from the perspective of the concept of "I". Life after awakening is a breakdown of this false construct.

Most people are afraid to die, and if you asked them, what are they really afraid of ?... one will inevitably find it is the same as how they have lived... that is to say, if they have lived their lives for external validation (concept of "I"), they might be afraid of what people might say, ... ones grand achievements 😇😢 compiled into a video, is the final salute to a life lived these days. OR ... what if we showed the real thing, the losses, the pain, the struggles, the failures, the crazy confusion and ultimately the celebration of soul liberation 😌🤣. Which would you prefer as your epitaph.

The time from awakening to realization can take a long long time, even lifetimes. Guidance can only be offered by one who has recognised it themselves. My hope is that one has the discernment to recognise the difference. There is nothing to teach, heal or study.

Just be quiet, breath and observe.

I hope you enjoy the magnificence of these breath taking works by Claude Monet, I would describe them as natures way of being aware of itself... I have sat in this oval room at the Musee d'orsay with these gigantic, yet serenely beautiful paintings, its like entering a colour filled wonderland that changes colour according to the reflection of light...

You see, great works always urge the viewer to be present and observe.

with compassion,



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