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The Joy of Acceptance.

Updated: Dec 23, 2022

Have you stopped to ponder that Christmas lights & candles may be the reminder of yours & everyones true nature, as the spark of Joy, Love & Kindness ?

I feel the excitement and anticipation of a child, this year🥰.

As we have realised that needing external power is a fallacy. Recognise that separation is the absence of love, and everything in the external world is an experience of separation, perfectly orchestrated by you for your ultimate recognition, that it is all your perception.

What no longer serves is palpable right now.

When it's the end of the game of separation... beware the serpent, comes out once more to try and drag you down. Recognising this gives one the courage to keep going no matter what.

Anything that is said here is only an attempt to point one inward...

There is only here, now, and you are it, as the un describable peace & love ...

and the effect of shifting into seeing your own gift of being, and each others beauty & uniqueness, that the expansive whole... is Love.

Watch how wonderful it feels , when you help another recognise their happiness with your kind words.

Kindness & love is in fact acknowledging our sameness. It is the expansiveness of all that is.

Radiating this Light of Joy & Acceptance to all this season...


Joyous blessings to all this season 💖🙏🏼

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