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And we rise....

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

2 December 2021...

Rising early in summer has always been special to me...

I awoke this morning to beautiful pink & gold skies... much like a painting I have been

working on for a few months, it has a joyful, carefree childlike vibe ...

When we are safe & free to be our true magical creator self,

No longer identifying

Everything shifts

Creating a new world of heart

love & Joy comes with....

sensing all, as all is within.

It is all my energy💖.

So here's my check list as we end 2021***

Realising there is no dark and light *

One now is so much more

There are multi dimensions

All judgement dissolves

No obstacles, there never were

Unconditional love is me

What I once thought was true is not

The picture is reversed

Then one sees all as truth

but now I have choice

I am the vastness of the Ocean

All that is.

This all encompassing joy, beauty

and unconditional love

while allowing others to also have their choice

The dissolving of the perceived self

Time of truth, allowing all that is to shine forth from within...

Everything comes alive from within, even the painting....

Happy Holidays to all.

Namaste 🙏🏼💜

Please go to the contact page if you would like a session on recognising simplicity with me . Thank You for your support.

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