Being Sovereign...

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

As a painter & creative writer there is a sense of constant rebirthing... when I walk into my studio every morning I feel a sense of what shall we do today. Most days I am eager to start. A fully formed #visual idea has popped in, the music is on, a candle & intense lit ... I'm on fire and I dance around in pure joy as the creation flows through me on to the canvas or page. I am the conduit to bring this forth, here time does not exist, I do not argue, doubt or second guess, as all is my energy.

NOW!!! I Am the field... in this moment all potentials are #present and I choose which one I would like to pursue now...

Lately I have had fully formed ideas pop into my head. A great example of the limitless infinite field of potentials, just pick the one that has the most joy in the moment and bring it to life. I love interacting with nature, the colours are so vibrant, the flowers dance in the breeze, it will be autumn soon here in OZ... a time of year when the leaves turn gold and red, then drop and return to the soil. What a marvellous reminder of the cycle of life.

So why would we hang on to anything, life is an endless parade of experiences, let go and allow the magic and beauty to unfold.

But this state only returned after what felt like a death of an old fear which took a few years to unravel, I was unsure of my unique form of expression.

To me being #sovereign means having mastery of ones own energy ... A FREE ENERGY BEING, but if I stayed hidden then how could it serve me.

Well, I gave myself a full understanding of the opposite. Becoming fully aware of the serpent energy. That which is the opposite of free energy. which is where my own vulnerability was fully seen and understood, as I moved towards greater compassion love & understanding about my fear of being seen.

This brings to mind the Artist #JacksonPollock ... who I'm sure in one of his creative states discovered throwing and dripping paint was his way of expression. I'm not saying this is right or wrong, it was a look into Pollock pouring out his emotion, which by all accounts was a splattering of drunken explosive outbursts, and erratic behaviour ending in a drunken fatal car crash. Thankfully I didn't go that route, however, the deep plunge I took was a bringing to light what was hidden under an ocean of emotion. Fear of standing out and revealing and being worthy of my own soul uniqueness. As I now move towards greater love compassion and understanding about myself and others. Action now taken from a place of self knowledge and the integrity of my soul is exciting. Bravo to Pollock's bravery too !!!

Art has been my greatest teacher, to become the Master of my own energy and create some thing wonderful and uniquely the song of my soul.

This is what I write and paint about, and I hope it gives meaning to the beauty within others too.


Jude x

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