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Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Living in and out of time space reality, jumping timelines ...

Anchoring the 12. 12. 22 to 21. 12. 22 Timeline.

Where are you not willing to trust, until you see or are guaranteed results ?...

This is YOU returning to YOU, no guarantee needed.

Are you breathing? that's all the guarantee you need.


When you are whole there are no want's, no needs, no control, no one doing anything yet everything is done. You are being lived.

Everything we do/be affects all those around us, like ripples on a pond reaching and touching others far more than we can imagine.

Now is the time to step into fullness, focusing on the positive unconditional love that is the true nature of you, and all of life.

Love is the felt sense of the absence of separation.

Group Integration sessions now available ... please fill in the contact link for details.

True Nature

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