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" Infinite expansion" oil on linen 76x76 cm

I have noticed that there is a sense of frustration and confusion with some at the moment. I hope I can bring some clarity to this. This is how I would define self realisation. It means one has become aware of ones true nature. Then everything can be allowed to be as it is. It doesn't mean that everything goes swimmingly. It can, but this dialogue is to address what is often not discussed. Consciousness can chose to have any experience, even its opposite in the form of limitation, for the experience of knowing itself more expansively. It realises that what it subscribes to (place our energy in) is what it creates. This creation can be experienced as an ecstatic expansion, from the limitations of duality.

This incarnation is to experience duality and get out of it. Surrender does not mean relinquishing personal power, it is allowing ones own infinite consciousness to come forth as the body of light/consciousness.

If there is a feeling of frustration because one has not reached the level of perfection or happiness that others have, or that one does not have what someone else has, or a judgement that some choices are wrong while others are right, is getting lost in the drama at the moment, this can be a belief of separation (within) still to be recognised and brought to wisdom for the soul. When it is seen that ones true nature is always here, there is a resting in complete peace, and infinite love, knowing that all is the true self. The is no masculine and feminine. Awareness, aware of itself does not have an opposite .

That's why it is not easy to be in mass consciousness/duality, virtual reality for long. They see everything as a power game. Disrespect is not tolerated. Purity/innocence in this context is not weakness, it is a quiet strength. See's BS and walks away.

Yes, I do feel free from mass consciousness and its limitations because I have chosen to surrender to embodying the God that I am, in human form and thus let go of the need to fight against what my limited perspective as just human brings forth, because I realize the compassion that is my true nature. This awareness, requires me to be aware of and sense what I am allowing always, though it is an effortless awareness. I have chosen to surrender to the ease, grace and simplicity of just Being, here, now, collapsing into the One that I truly Am, in absolute Trust.

It's really very simple, I offer direct pointing to ones true nature, in 1 hour sessions via zoom, for anyone interested. Details are on the contact page on this website.

Jude ❤️

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