Simple Recognition....

Updated: Apr 2

Within the dark shadows of power games and fear, lies the belief that one is a separate being, but that is only a perspective..

The clear light of knowing dissolves this misunderstanding. A glowing truth deep deep within that no matter what has been, or is experienced by the human, the knowing that ones true essence can never be destroyed or lost.

One is the same essence that gives life to all things. With this clear simple recognition there is compassion kindness and respect for all things and life... that needs few words,... A being-ness that surpasses all human concepts.

FEEL as awareness ...feel it all... pain, suffering, fear, anxiety, inhumanity, cruelty unkindness, .... be willing to observe the feelings arising ,then it can be surrendered with understanding that it was only contents of experience of the one infinite consciousness.

Life is being experienced either from the separate self, or as infinite consciousness. Life is happening, experience what is, without judgement...

This is infinite unconditional Love.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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