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A deep dive within ...The power of the inner artist.

Updated: Sep 10, 2021

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

This time of monumental change on the planet has been prophesied in many religious #scriptures .

A forced look within . A whole value system shift, if one is finally sick of the old way and is willing to dive deep within.

A great time for #Artists. Being silent & present with what is, is a natural process for the authentic creator, eliminating #distractions and finding the peace and beauty of effortless being is how artists work. Nature has a wealth of resources. Creating something original is the passionate expression of the true creator within us all.

Maybe it is time for a recognition of ART & EFFORTLESS BEING AS TRUE LIFE.

This may resonate with the awakened ones who have been energetically bringing about a new way for many years in their own lives, and had to learn to navigate the outer world of the fixed mind construct.

When one has seen through the games of human drama, victim, abuser and saviour. Power games then one is free to choose self fully

There is no point in interacting unless asked. Simplicity, kindness, joy and sharing freely of pure love and compassion is the modus operandi of the Inner Artist... setting a higher vibration, through creation itself. its an uncomplicated life of authenticity, honour, consideration and respect for ourselves and all other beings.

The calm in the storm, being in the world but not of it. Some of us have been operating in multiple timelines for many years. we still have work to do while seeing clients or at the easel or writing our stories for others to gain clarity. Timelines are a sensory vibration ( I guide people with clarity about this & more) when asked.

This is what we came here for and are quietly going about activating it for ourselves and others.

And now the time has come for all to step up. One leads by example. Living in integrity, wisdom and freedom. Having stepped aside to be on our own, to tell our stories, paint the pictures and write the books that will one day inspire others. Sitting in the sun enjoying the day, waiting for who ever needs a wake up kick up the ass … (I have always been direct). This is harsh only to the ego.

Who we are cannot be taught, its a recognition. Just like the artist's expression is like breath, the breath of life... great music art or poetry stirs the soul.

We are sensory beings colour and sound is the connection to the unspeakable, which is sensory resonance.

The Artist Wassily Kandinsky comes to mind here. Kandinsky went through a metamorphosis, through inner necessity. He said, It lead him back to the principles of perception and his inner voice. Kandinsky was convinced of his inner world until the end. It was a visual world in which abstraction was not an end in itself, or its form, a still born means of expression. It emerged from the desire for substance and life itself. Kandinsky's unique expressive use of colour like dazzling jewels, therefore speaks more to the passion of creation, the emergence of new life from chaos, akin to the times we live in now. DEATH and REBIRTH.

His genius is to open your inner eye, not until that happens can one truly see.

"Looking through the eyes of the inner artist … one sees a world far beyond the limited reality ". Jude N.

With compassion...

This is also a time of fear and uncertainty for many. At this time of forced stillness, see it as an opportunity for change... when one is being asked to look within at all the dark corners.

Where can we all be more kind to others ?

It is possible to have clean water food and shelter for all.

Can you bless others with what you want for yourself?

One must be willing to face ones own darkness.

Can you sit still and watch the impulses as they arise ?

Where have you been judging others?

Compassion is allowing others to go through their own process.

Now is the opportunity to look at your own patterns of addiction to victimhood or abuser or saviour behaviour.

Everything ego's don't understand becomes an attack or a judgement.

Who you truly are cannot be taught... it has to be discovered by each soul being,

With guidance and compassion.



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