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A story of freedom...

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

A power shortage and whole new fuse box rewiring of my home was an apt metaphor for 2020. The culmination of distraction and physical experience of human drama, sticky goo and cycles of life. That was my 2020 vision.

I rewrote this article several times during the month of December for good reason, my resonance was shifting and changing to a never before experienced clarity, and the wobble was par for the course.

How can I be my own unique self in a world of conformity ... that labels & judges anyone that doesn't fit in with what makes others comfortable? ... this was 2020 .

The old order is crumbling, and the new is beginning, and it is no longer a question of are we ready, it IS happening.

This is a story about worthiness and my own dragon coming in to clear up the falsity that I was hanging on to. It began back in 20o2 when I began a soul path in truth. Every falsity had to go, and so began an extended visit with my dragon to clear up all the aspects of unworthiness guilt & shame that had been stuck for eons. My nervous system was so fried... nothing less than complete surrender was called for as the lower chakras were being purified.

I noticed that every time I experienced a letting go, I was being perceived as a victim from those outside of me, when in fact I knew that the opposite was true. Having always seen both perspectives. I was letting go of all resistance to being completely free while still in a body, so complete that I was prepared to die or live until I arrived at complete neutrality.

I see all that I experienced as a gift of my soul, to rid everything that was not in alignment with who "I AM". Very important to note that this is a story of ultimate freedom not victimhood,.... but True Freedom.

The painting by Peter Paul Rubens 1612 -"The massacre of the innocents" is not only an exquisitely crafted painting, but also an accurate representation of the brutality man has inflicted on our own fellow beings through the ignorance of duality/separation from their own infinite nature. The entire earthly experience is a transactional play of opposites. Massacre of the Innocents was bought by Ken Thompson and is on display at the Art gallery of Ontario for all to enjoy, this is a grand example of sharing ones wealth/energy.

In my experience truth has no value in the earthly realm, simply because truth is not a transaction, it cannot be quantified. Note, I purposely us the word 'Truth" and not "consciousness" because the word consciousness suggests that it is a thing, truth is beyond the concept of mind. I have always felt like an outsider watching a movie drama. There were many times I bumped up against limitations, got up again and continued my journey. There was a relentless drive in me that at times was so intense and overwhelming that my body ached, my mind was scrambled and nothing made any sense at all. I got distracted at times, as I continued to live one foot in a crazy movie, while most of me was in the audience watching. Some times it was horror, mostly drama and ultimately I realised it is all a comedy of errors. Training as a Hatha yoga teacher was the best thing for me it kept my inner balance. The old realm of false power & mind is limited, noisy & boring, and will keep going as long as one feeds it. From the intellectual mind one simply cannot understand a higher vibration of sense perception it is not possible. Lao Tzu said " the highest virtue is not virtue therefore is virtue". Meaning the highest virtue is not conscious of itself as virtue and therefore remains unrecognised by the human... an openness/allowing all things to be experienced equally. Retreat & self care was vital as the Epic grander picture was unveiling from within.

There is no more separation, one is not better than the other, it is all encompassing, and everything is seen as pure experience, life beyond duality.

Self Realization is an unveiling of what was/is always here, one is in neutrality, as the integrated soul, nothing and yet everything. (language is futile).

Walk this earthly experience with reverence and respect for all living things, walk lightly with grace and ease. All is indeed well in all of creation.

I feature and write about artists who's work is about the deeper connection , who were/ are dedicated to their truth no matter what. I write & expand on the work of these great artists for all to experience & appreciate.

The sensory realm through heart, is the bridge into consciousness, the communication of soul. The paintings are a way to navigate the wealth within. A way of guiding one deeper within to a never before accessed truth. No words can describe this realm. This is a priceless gift these great humans have given man kind.

This Time is what astrologers say is available to be experienced over the next few weeks and months... the crescendo of 2020 as we head into the New Age Era 2021 and beyond.

I was reading yesterday that Dec 2020 astrology hasn't happened since the early #renaissance, a time of great creativity, music & beauty. A renaissance of divine intelligence. The emergence of prophets. Time, wealth, healing & therapies are all moot here.

New ways of communicating, uplifting others, through mastery of connection to our own divine essence is what's offered here ...

A rare joyful experience of being in the presence of beauty & sacredness, life shines as pure expression....


Judith x

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