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Notice YOU are creating a magnificent day....

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

How using ritual helps me focus and establish clarity for my life moving forward.... Science is trying to bridge the gap between mind and beyond mind,

Believe me this is the huge topic for 2021 and beyond. .... continue reading.

Welcome to my blog post, here I share information with you as an ongoing conversation & connection to uplift and assist . There is also a group fb page where you can share updates about your art, trends, awareness, Positive uplifting stories, #NewEarthRising and more ..

Welcome to this blog post on Sense perception and focus .

Focus and Ease

Do you have a finely tuned sense perception ? and how do we answer that? does that mean we perceive with our brain, our body or our heart ?

The way one responds or reacts to what is being seen, said, or done around them, determines ones life experience in most cases, using the programmed mind. Through yogic studies and eastern disciplines I began to question the validity of the western way of perception of life. I had the added advantage of being raised in the east for the first part of my life, before my family migrated to Australia in the early 70's.

I travelled to India in 2004 and was interested in understanding how in a country of many religions, and of cultural and economic diversity, how everyone got along so peacefully for the most part.

Firstly I must point out yoga is not a religion. The word Yoga means union, I would call it "the science of physicality". It is a way of understanding how to live life in balance with the elements and our surroundings, and for operating this body with optimum efficiency.

Meditation as a practice by way of stabilising the mind, for clearer sharper perception of the senses.

So why am I talking about yoga and meditation? ... well , we have been taught to perceive everything through our 5 externally focused senses.... but, this is a limited way to live and it is time to go beyond this limitation.

The highest form of creativity is a means of soul communication , that is interpreted by way of perception beyond the 5 external senses. Not by way of mind for its highest value. This is what I am pointing to as the difference of how we have been taught to perceive everything around us.

Integrity is the answer, in all that we do, ask yourself the question ... why am I doing this?

If the answer is sharing/sensory beauty, that's wonderful. Be it in Music , Painting, Poetry or Photography, or even the spoken word... there is always a resonance of up-lift-ment.

So you see how important correct perception is .... It is a way of seeing/sensing everything as it is. Without the cloud of judgement or deception.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

Jude x

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