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The ancient secrets of rituals & focus....

Create a ritual of your own or go to the rituals page to download some empowering rituals you can do yourself.... please continue reading.

Welcome to my blog post, here I share information with you as an ongoing conversation & connection to uplift and assist you. There is also a group page where you can share updates about your art, trends, awareness, uplifting news, #NewEarthRising and more ..

Welcome to this blog post on change. Using rituals and focus for change.

Do you have a resistance to change? I'd like to share something I realised, with you. I have experienced both ends of the stick.

As a open aware creative being ... I was most of the time not balanced, and I noticed it was at the times when I had not made time for my self care... When I began my day with ritual and focus on my presence, my energy started to shift, I felt lighter, #healthier, I slept better and above all I was joyful even exuberant, a love & respect of all life. I was back to me, WOOO HOOO !!! 🥰💃

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Are you ready to get started? Simply create a #ritual now, it's a way the body remembers and gets into #alignment with the new operating system. Do this every morning for 3 weeks and you now have a new program .... don't stop keep going ... soon you can add more steps to this dance ... that's all it is you are now dancing with your life force, instead of resisting it...

It is so simple to take back your authority.

As I have said before this group is not just for artists, it is for anyone wanting to take back their authority to live a grand life #consciously and with #awareness.

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