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The beauty in all experiences....

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

This is a writing from my journal notes a few years ago.

The purity & love that is present can never be lost...

After a few months days of clarity followed by fog, I asked my self where to now? what's next? I had arrived back home from a trip to the USA to visit an old friend, where I presented an art & spirituality work shop and I was ready for my next adventure.

Last night I had a soft glimpse of the Love & expansion I had experienced some 20yrs ago, let me try and explain it, It was so deep, a oneness beyond the boundaries of my body, a feeling of "I am home", a feeling like bursting out of my body in ecstatic joy, soaring high above the clouds, the merge with my soul.

In my quest to get back that state of being many years and experiences were had, clearing out stuck energy/ programs that were in the way.

We are multi dimensional beings, and can travel/experience any dimension. A dimension is best described as a state of being ... and after a certain level is expanded in/through heart, can not be contaminated when travelling around in the lower realms/ aspects, but this level of heart can also be a trap until full consciousness is integrated. It is tiring, exhausting in fact to be in the lower realms for a long period of time. It is where one can be used as food, by power hungry beings, who have no idea what energy is.

The whole time I was in the experience of contrast to who I Am, I was also observing it playing out. Awareness aware of its self. I noticed I could not create as long as this lower being/aspect was around,.. what was it? it was fear of the magnitude of who I really am. In the experience I also understood how energy works. So it was a valuable sojourn for understanding my energy field and how to navigate through the dimensions.

This explanation is quite huge and I will save that for another writing. All I will say is, As the human, we go through so much un-necessary suffering, but it is part of our experience for expansion, and cannot be understood from the level of the un-evolved human,

it's all to do with the misunderstanding of what energy is. We are consciousness having a human experience. Be kind to your self, live in humility & integrity, and honour who you are. 🙏🏼💜

Every teaching is only understood from the open-ness of the heart of the seeker.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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