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The resonance of being...

Updated: Dec 8, 2021

"The only thing that is ever challenged is the false persona of who you think you are". JN.


November 2021...

Humbleness, Purity & Authenticity with Maturity as one walks in #TrueNature

I have recognised the more I have spoken about my experiences over the past 20years the clearer it becomes, hopefully uplifting others as well .

It is no coincidence that I am surrounded by #enlightened energies, self realised masters even though I need no validation .... this Aquarian moon girl has been speaking & painting authentic truth for years... as the wisdom of our true nature, is what the New world energy really is. The time is now for change of the highest magnitude.

This truth is either welcomed or reveals inauthentic beliefs that are stuck & in the way of seeing truth. Either way it is a purification.

When one is disconnected from the #Authentic truth of who they are, these beliefs unknowingly manipulate to be in alignment with that belief eg; fear or trauma in order to survive. #Change requires the courage to dig deep & face the fear of lack within. The end of mind control, the age of Kali Yuga a time of darkness. It all has to fall.

"Ultimately we manifested a body to transcend survival"

Compassion love and patience is allowed & accepted here, for one to ask for help when they are ready.

Sharing Integrated energies of wisdom and action from a place of embodiment, (returning to the absolute), is the new age of Sat Yuga we enter into....

Imagine a seedling just sprouting, it is not strong enough yet, to be cast out in a field to weather a storm. If you do you will loose your most valuable asset... this is the time to nurture, strengthen and allow it to blossom and shine its beauty inwardly first before shining out for others to experience.

Having faced the darkest dark, to find that what is within is an intelligence far grander than the mind could imagine.

This intangible breath breaks the algorithm of mind control. I'm seeing a diver without an oxygen tank prepared to die as he dives deep within to uncover what has remained #stuck & hidden for lifetimes .

It is this innate quality that quietly permeates the planet, raising all from darkness to light.

There is nothing to say, nothing to grasp, nothing that can be named.

Words are just more labelling of such magnificence.

Immerse into this ocean of magnificent silence, until all ego is dissolved .

For those with hearts open in wisdom, acceptance & humbleness ... The truth will be revealed.

The Allegorical meaning in great works of art (creators), reveal far more depth than can be understood by the mind. they often lack content and context, but are high in #resonance.

Like wise, undertaking this final act courageously , joyously, expressing gentleness that shows caring, empathy and compassion for ones self. Are some of the obvious high resonant qualities of our True Nature. It is uncomfortable and a little scary dying while still in physical form . As identity dissolves it bows to the magnificent Infinite Divine in all things.

The transient nature of reality is seen ...

To be here, at this epic time is by no coincidence, A planet & its inhabitants is in #Transformation, Transcendence then Resurrection. To uncover the gift of freedom is Grand indeed.

How do you want to live this gift of your human experience?

By uplifting ourselves to immortality, others may see it is possible for them as well.

What we see with our eyes is either limited or expansive ... it depends on the clarity of the see-er. In absolute, love & compassion we are infinite, When there is no separation or judgement within us, compassion and love as a noble & Masterly act is available.

Bowing in respect of the divine in all .

Please go to the contact page if you would like a session on recognising simplicity with me . Thank You for your support.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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