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Conscious Creation...

Updated: Jul 24, 2022

(This is not gender based )

The morning sun is rising. A golden ball of glowing light in the grey winter sky, it is 3degrees.

On my morning walk I noticed the flowers glowing with dew. Birds don't seem to mind the cold, they dart around chirping to their mates. The little boy next-door is singing his nursery rhymes.... #Abundance & #joy is all around AND I am aware of it all, the good, even the not so good... accepting & allowing life as it is, opening my eyes & heart to what is here now.

Returning to this place of pure Joy within, where all distortions simply dissolve in the clarity of what is a dream & what is real.

Letting go of what no longer resonates. True awareness for those who we thought persecuted us, it was all a dream experienced.

The games of fear/power, Superiority & bullying is old energy that is not welcome in my new earthly experience.

Pure love simply is, aware of it all.

Relax and know that to just be me is "all that is", to shine my #authentic & unique radiance is enough. I am that which is aware of everything. You are this as well.

There is only this, it is all that is in this moment.

The #SimpleRecognition of this , changes everything, even the past.

You are totally totally loved just as you are. You will be appreciated by the ones who feel your radiance. Reciprocity kindness and care is our natural state of being.

There is love all around if we are that knowingness, and appreciate it's many forms of expression, with love & joyful embrace.

Have you sensed the joy that you feel from uplifting music?

Or a painting that warms your heart? or a rose that radiates #beauty?

How often do we stop and appreciate the simple beauty of creation all around us?

There is nothing to gain from outside ourselves, simply know it is all coming from inside.

Appreciate everything, even if it is something you no longer resonate with... that's a gift to choose again.

All is well in all of creation.

So this month stop, look around and listen, feel... what is real and what is not.

Remain silent, observe, you are already home within. You never really left.

Now fully express the joy of simply being incarnate in a body.


Simplicity, Beauty, Connection, & compassion for others.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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