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The Goddess of creation

Updated: Aug 22, 2022

I have spoken of the Goddess of Creation many times before ... & The Turning point.

(this is not gender specific)

Shedding human heaviness, healing & fixing is the old way, this is long over. The Ego paradigm has no place on #NewEarth.

" There is no separation therefore nothing to heal" been saying this for years.

This statement reminds me of my entire physical experience... Perhaps it explains human Aquarian moon, and why I chose to be here at this time. Being clear about the (mind, do'er), AI agenda, & our own access to higher technology within.

What most embodying the Goddess of Creation energy knew from deep within, was the purity to see far out into the either, #consciousness appearing as a physical being. The higher technology if you will, that is within us. We all have it, but it lies dormant until awakened from within.

A #CosmicEvent has been gradually taking place since 2012.

The TRUE wisdom keepers... #indigenous cultures, shamans, & guru's , Artists, Musicians, Poets & Mystics access this direct knowing... most are not out to change the world, but instead, their light shines to affect change. How often have these beings been ostracised, demonised, judged & criticised, mot to mention undervalued in modern society? Even having their skills "apparently" stolen by the power hungry. I say apparently because it cannot be stolen. Yet we all have access to the only true value there is, and that is knowing who you truly are.

What is called for is integrity, authenticity, compassion & understanding for those going through this process now.

The contraction & the expansion.

It is not what I've experienced it is my belief/interpretation about what I've experienced.

After visiting a friend in the USA for rest & rejuvenation in 2019. I wanted clarity on what I had experienced from 2009 -2017, it was exhausting. 2019 is when this painting came forth...

This messy, unhappy, clumsy, difficult period was when I met my dragon... staring at the contraction, control & manipulation, was the density of every human experience I had.

" The Goddess of Creation" True Wisdom keepers.

Soon I became fascinated with the story of King Arthur of Avalon & Merlin. Ah !! then the penny dropped, I was already Home, and allowing ease & grace in my life, when the gravity of duality pulled me back. Fear & doubt was what sucked me back in to this lifetime, and kept me here and it was also my way out. Finally the magnitude of the story of Judith was being revealed. The character dies for truth to be revealed. Merlin (Pure consciousness) hides his magical abilities, until the dragon has been slayed and Excalibur the sword of truth can be revealed.

Then and only then can one Access Higher Wisdom in our own bodies, Accessing higher intuitive abilities effortlessly. The Goddess of Creation "Intuitive & creation abilities"... #Freedom is our birth right, Never be fooled by anything less. You are pure Infinite consciousness apparently appearing in form.

So why do some still settle for less? Who is seeking to be healed? Could it be that the value system has been misinterpreted? Mind power is the currency humans have used for eons to instil fear... believing the self to be real, and are now seeing it destroy itself in its all consuming need for more power, to keep the false narrative alive. The solution is not more power, it is the surrender of all need for power. Many years ago when my yoga teacher said surrender, surrender, this is what he meant.... "let go and allow the false persona to dissolve in the light of awareness".

It is time to access energy from within, to drop the antiquated way of living as a human. To rest in the soft knowing of what is. Surrender deep within into the unknown where you come face to face with the #TrueSelf for the first time.

Rest in the silence, without expectation simply allow as the veiling of consciousness falls away, the truth that has always been there will reveal itself, and It is not a doing.

The opportunity now is very much this wonderment & the way forward...

Guidance from within

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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