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The magnificence of Truth ....

As more of our senses open up we begin to sense and feel so much more than we have any language/description for, yet some thing inside of us recognises the resonance. From a neutral human perspective we gain access to these new/ancient states of being.

It cannot be described yet we know it is true. What we see with our human brain/eyes is so limited. This is why I say it is beyond the human perspective.

We were all given the same tools how we use them makes all the difference.

For many years I have used art as a means to describe something beyond the level of mind (seeing) understanding. But music is a higher way of sensory resonance.

We are in for a magnificent surprise.

Listen to the inner guidance, move with the inner truth. Share and uplift others by being truth. Consciousness having a human experience.

Trust, Trust, Trust the guidance of inner being, step into the unknown ...

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