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Recognising that the age we have all lived through for thousands of lifetimes, called Kali Yuga is coming to an end, and we are entering Sat Yuga the Golden Age. This is a huge transition and there is upheaval with any big change.

It is only when awakening to what energy really is, that one begins to see clearly. And its hard to believe just how ignorant and parasitic the world can be.. Seeing this as the gift of contrast as balance for those who have chosen the path of Self realisation, makes perfect sense. And why awakening is available right now for all who choose it. Life as a mystic is one of solitude as one learns to navigate the sticky energy of mass consciousness.

Kali Yuga... can be best described as an upside down, value system. A system of Power and greed, by inciting fear as a means of dominance/control, this is in areas such as Governments, Medical, the Law, Schools, Banking the monetary system, even Religion and sad of all most human behaviour. Where what is bad is seen as good, and what is good is seen as bad. This is how minds were programmed/ conditioning. And we subsequently agreed to it, in order to be a part of mass consciousness.

Each person has a choice... to look at their own energy dynamics.

Stop the fight, stop the cause, you are keeping alive that very energy within yourself.

The programmed human resists any change, wants explanations, blames, wants proof, will only believe academia, but that is only regurgitating the same old data/programme of power, and power needs a victim to feed its addiction.

Being sovereign means knowing ones natural state, prior to any thoughts or concepts of mind. What is being suggested here is coming back to our natural state, no books are needed, or therapy or certified degree's. Our natural state is effortless being, sensing and feeling what's right here, we have a choice where we place our focus/energy.

Use this time to be in silence, stillness 🙏🏼 live in loving kindness. Honour ones self and all others.

A simple recognition of your own natural state.

There are sheaths or overlays of consciousness... in yogic science they are called the Kosa's . It is a simple and easy way for anyone to recognise and shift focus.

We/you will need it going into the new age of Sat Yuga - the golden age where communications become sensory and natural, living in alignment from within, with the elements, and living in kind respect for all of life.

Annamaya Kosa - purification of the physical body.

Pranamaya Kosa - purification of the breath.

Manomaya Kosa - Dedication to purifying the mind.

Vijnanmaya Kosa - Body of wisdom through purification of the 3 lower kosa's.

Anandamaya Kosa - The bliss state. When all Layers /overlays have been purified.

Understanding these layers makes it easy and do-able for anyone.

The Absolute state, All life is equally sacred. When this is seen there is no more separation, no more judgements because you see everything and everyone as pure soul. What we shift is our perception and interpretation of situations and experiences.

What is available now, Is a radical change of perspective, and can be seen in an instant or take many years to purify.

Sat Yuga or the golden age... where living from a clearer resonance (inside out) one is truly free.

It's really very simple, I offer simple recognition of ones true nature, in 1 hour sessions via zoom, for anyone interested. Details are on the contact page on this website.



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