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The Way ....

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

This is a continuation of the previous post...

Your life force is your own, Stop giving it away ... be silent and observe life,

Life is a privilege, not a #struggle.

The way forward begins with .... silent #observation, of nature, and then humans...

The Old Perspective was... the more I have (power), the more I can help, the better I am. But in order to help one is taking more from the outside, (enslaved to matter), depleting the earth and each other.

The New #Perspective ... the more I AM, the more I give, it is never diminishing to others or myself... it is simply being my natural state, and totally free.

What may appear to some humans to be failure, is in fact the opposite. What was once thought accumulation of wealth was safety/power, is now recognised as lack of true wisdom, True wealth is found within, needs no #power, and can never be taken away, it is #limitless, timeless and free.

Just like in nature. Live without destroying anything or anyone, this is a time of truth, integrity and death of the old way.

The Awe of creation.

There is a beautiful dance of ease and grace that is at play here.

When done playing/experiencing, one simply lays down the body, knowing there is no death.

I understood this for the first time in 2009 when a friend passed away, he appeared to me in the most joyful way, with his personality/essence intact, his message was, now he was totally free. This is what is now available to be experienced here, while still in the body.

Through #transcendence of all #limitations within, there is now a graceful allowing all energies to flow through, as one remains undisturbed.

It opens ones eyes to what is real, and what is the dream/illusion.

When we open our eyes within.

To the beautiful dance between human and soul,

we become one.

As an individual expression of God,

Who you really are is always here, timeless & eternal ...

Now, Life lives through you,

This is the way.

The home that you always were.

It has no power, it needs no power.

IS Grander, more Magnificent than one could ever imagine.

It is The REAL you.

Namaste ❤️


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