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Lifting the Veil of forgetfulness...

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Always only take what resonates and leave the rest...

Once the veil is lifted we realise it is all an inside job, and pivot to the wealth within...

Many years ago when I was teaching yoga & meditation, I met a woman who told me about a Psychiatrist named Dr Ainslie Mears, who used the unorthodox method of treating his patients with a special meditation technique he had learned in India, to point to ones true nature. This was the 60's & 70's and a very rigid culture of "norms" in the city of Melbourne Australia when Dr Mears wrote a book titled "The Wealth Within".

This Esoteric knowledge & wisdom cannot be denied any longer. Now 60 years later we as humanity are being pushed to face the truth that #wealth is in fact found within, in the untapped potential within us. But how do we access this wealth, one might ask ?

Nothing to do, no where to go, just surrender, let go of resistance, you cannot control anything. You realise you never were in control in the first place.

Lao Tsu said " What some call Failure, is what others call surrender" .

The Place where nothing works IS the place where the illusion of self has let go of itself... and where the Infinite being reveals itself to itself.

It is through silent observation, through #awareness... that there is this shift in the point of perspective.

A recognition of what needs unity and expression, from within, for the uplift-ment of self and others.

This is a time of balance, of the carbon and crystalline bodies, while still in this physical world. Bringing heaven to earth. This is possible for all humanity who are ready now.

There is an intelligence beyond human understanding, from inside us we sense/feel the magnificence of expansive exquisite love & joy, as we come face to face with our true nature. We begin to see/feel everything is communicating beyond words, other humans, our food, plants, trees, The earth, animals, the grass, stars, sky, Paintings, music everything, it is all humming & transmitting a frequency. There is exquisite beauty, Love & magic therein.... there is no duality/separateness, good or bad it is all #SimpleRecognition that it is all within us and our choice. Stability is found in this knowing.

We are, each one of us, a unique expression of the infinite, having a human experience. Limitless, consciousness.... immortality, appearing as form. One #conscious breath at a time.

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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