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To die before you die…

Updated: Sep 17, 2022

is a phrase Eckhart Tolle uses.

Most of us have heard this but what does it mean?

It is to allow the old human story to end, it is only the character we played in the movie/ illusion...

This is my experiential understanding. When I stopped the search, self revealed itself.

Old Energy- False identity constructs, feeling alone, needing validation, unworthy, separation mindset ( he did, she did), body feels heavy, dense & tired. Accepting the illusion as real.

What the ego wants above all is joy, but it must die in order to realise that what it has been seeking all along, is in fact, what it already was/is.

New Energy- Pure being, stillness, guidance from within, nervous system calm, peace, neutrality, Joy & love bubbling from within for no reason, acting without agenda, Floating (lightness), identified as consciousness, Happiness is the nature of our being.

The realised being understands that nothing exists but its own awareness, and it's true nature is love & blissful joy right here, right now, in complete neutrality to everything that shows up. Once recognised felt and experienced I began to see the sheer magnitude and value of being in physical form. Simply in awe of existence. With this perspective shift, the perceived self is seen as the veil of delusion, constantly trying to fix the past or projecting into the future. When ready the veil of deception falls off revealing the true beauty that was here all along. Let go, release the tight grip of the mind of suffering, by asking.. Who is aware of the suffering? and who is aware of the joy?... It is awareness that is aware of it all, and that awareness is You /consciousness, the stillness, always present, always was and always will be. This is when realised there is no death. All projections of mind were experiential including the body. Now the outer world reflects the joyous inner world, and all is well in all of creation.

I am grateful my true nature allowed full disclosure a few years ago, through one last clearing of the basement.. Now in neutrality one allows everything the room to flow, fearlessly. I always was and will always be the joyous creator & experiencer. Through music, Painting, dance, sewing clothes, designing & creating gardens, home interiors , cake making & writing, travelling and so much more... such a delight to have experienced all of this, and onward to more adventures, either in the physical realm or non physical realms .

I Am aware consciousness,

This sensual body is how I know myself,

I Am senses beyond limitation,

I Am Exquisite Love,

I Am pure Joy,

I Am the beauty all around me,

I Am free,

I Am limitless Abundance,


Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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