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Valuing the creator ...

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer personal guidance on request via email with your question.

The shift has occurred, The old order has come to an end. Now we are starting to see the beginning of A new way...

The Aquarian #humanitarian way of living and being... We are aware this shift has caused fear, disruption and uncertainty for many people in the world.

It must be said, there is nothing wrong with you ... you just need the right tools to understand re educate & re balance the body for optimum energy flow, and to learn to follow the knowing... this is the new way. How to recognise your soul, is what I teach.

Each stage of evolution needs the understanding of elements from within. The right tools, diet, exercise & dedication in order to stabilise and maintain each new level of awakening is also important. But above all knowing that it is the love and wisdom of your own soul.

A NEW #Physiological and #psychological understanding is very much needed in the world now.

Through my studies of Yogic sciences , I learned to gain a balanced mind and body, and become a witness of the outside world and not be a part of it. I became the observer of the crazy and often hurtful behaviour of others, who were only reacting to their own belief and fear disguised as superiority or intellectual arrogance. This is the old way of mind, externalisation, and projection, yin yang up down good bad... the way of opposites is only the basic existence of life for survival. When you see what you once believed you realise life is an endless practical joke in a way.

The realisation of what has been done to each other may be realised now... those that have held the light for all to shift and change... have been called fluffy & new age & worthless, simply because the unknown realms are not understood with the mind.

The true being has mastered their connection to source, is in tune with the elements, nature and all living beings. When it has been seen how all is connected, there is no more separation, there is also the wisdom and importance to maintain energy from within and remain undisturbed. So how does one connect to #OnesOwnEnergy ? that's what my paintings and writings are all about.

True growth is a dissolution of the perceived identity, a death. In a balanced guided way it can be done while remaining in the body, this takes great strength. It is tricky to remain among people who see you one way and yet you are not who they perceive you to be, this is because many dimensions exist simultaneously . It can be quite confusing without the right guidance. There is no formula for enlightened multidimensional living.

This is where A NEW #guidance & understanding is very much needed in the world now.

Where psychology (mind) has no reference of this unknown, yet true self.

This stage could take months or even years, once this faze is completed. It reveals everything the mind thought was true, as only a space to experience duality.

Now we are going beyond duality & into the realms of the unknown.


Jude x

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