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Self Realisation

Updated: Feb 5

Death is the death of the identification as a body. in my experience there is a shift that takes place within, from the personal I , to the impersonal field of awareness. Prior to this the personal I, is observed as simply thoughts appearing in this field of silence. The real I, is simply awareness, breathing, hearing, sensing, seeing. Any I, that wants to leave/die isn't the real I. This is when my personal I felt like leaving too, when in fact it was simply taking a back seat, and it will, when it feels safe to do so.

My awareness of gravity, are the specific thoughts delivered to keep the personal I story going. So it would seem that this is a final stage before letting go of the identification as a separate person. Words are only concepts pointing one to presence within. The less said the better.

In fact the very question who am I ? is misleading. It keeps one in the false sense of looking for a person. Allowing means letting the personal I, that is constantly in battle with something or someone (which really is itself), recede into the background. We still need the mind to function in the world, but now from intelligence & love (knowing) as opposed to intelligence and fear. There is a what, not a who present. This takes a little getting used to, for example when someone comes to the door, my human steps in to engage with them as the character they know, or when engaging with a neighbour or such. How synchronise. I just read that this weekend in Melbourne, Sadhguru, gave a talk on ... "the only way out, is in"

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