Art Class. 
Intuitive & Expressionist

This is an Intuitive & expressionist class where you are guided to relax and explore your authentic self expression.

Judith is a professional Artist with 30 years experience. Moving from fine art to abstract intuitive expression in the past 10 years. In this class participants are encouraged to explore their true nature through creativity and guided to flow with the most fundamental of our faculties, perception, and expression through Art.   Rather than the busy mind of the intellect.

In order for real change in  ourselves or the world, for that matter....  find a new model of self empowerment,  that makes the old model of power & victimhood obsolete.  

It is a unique class offering much more than just  Art making...  Students are encouraged to follow a 10 week term to get the full benefit of this recognition & flow,  that you can carry into all of your life, with ease and grace. 

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