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Creative Expressions  Art Classes.

*This is a guided art class ... 

* There are several unique aspects to this class.

* Structured in a way that activates the right side of the brain, (our intuitive, true nature) the nurturer    energy   of love & wisdom. 


When we change our perception  (the way we see things)  we change or world. When we change   the way we see things,  the things we see, also change. 


* With this comes a rebalancing of our whole system, from fear and resistance to allowing love, bringing        the mind into integration  with our passionate nature. 

* The benefit is more vitality, through accessing  our own energy,   for healthier joyous living. 

* Relax and explore your authentic self expression, with  engaging &   

  uplifting self recognition ... 


* Life is for you to enjoy & be able to express yourself in a balanced way ...


* Let go of Stress in this relaxing and informative  group painting class ...

* Neutralise the busy mind of the intellect.  Re-focus,  there is love & beauty all around us ...

* This is a unique class offering more than just  Art making,  It is returning  to your true nature ...  


 * Happiness is our true nature, the body rejuvenates itself when we  live life joyously & creativity is

    the balancing aspect to a healthy life. 


* This information is of benefit for any age group...

   Everything is energy, and where we place our attention  is vital for our own FREEDOM in life. 

* Fear is a useful tool for our evolution, from external focus to internal,  it's about being open to seeing        things in a way we never have before... That's unique creative expression.  


* You will finally know who you really are.

* I am simply passing on all my information for love & happiness to grow as awareness of who we are ...

   We are all connected through our hearts 💖🙏🏼 

Be part of a progressive group of individuals ...


What we offer ...


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                   Melbourne, Australia.

                       61+ 484331298

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