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Recognising our natural state of being,  as a presence, in an infinite field of awareness,   beyond the concepts of mind...

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  Judith Newman is a self realisation guide and a painter.   She is a Kriya Yoga initiate,  and  a certified teacher of the Vivekananda Yoga Institute of Bangalore. She is also a certified tantra yogi.  Judith spent time in the Himalayas studying & travelling with swami's & sages.   She taught yoga in the early 2000's in Melbourne Australia.

She has a degree in fine art,  and  spent many years in private art classes with 2 prominent Australian artists in the early 2000's.  Judith has conducted intuitive art workshops in the USA.  

She currently teaches Art in Melbourne.

 Her art is in private collections in the USA, Canada and Australia. 

Judith Newman is represented by Tacit Contemporary Art Gallery in Melbourne Australia. 

Judith offers one on one Virtual conversations, directly pointing to your true nature. She also holds weekly talks on zoom on  the subject of integration after Self Realisation. She also speaks on beyond Realisation and into Creation.

 "We are living in very exciting times.​ At the centre of our being we know who we are, we know what we want is lasting peace & joy for all humankind, It's time to create this" -  Judith Newman.


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