Judith Newman

Artist & Mystic


Judith Newman is an artist based in Melbourne,  Australia.

Judith is a painter and a mystic. Her paintings give us a glimpse  into the sensory realm,  beyond the concept of the known reality.

The viewer is invited to allow the paintings to wash over them, to be drawn into them.

They are often colourful,  full of life and meaning,  mesmerising, transporting the viewer into a state of imagination,  innocence  and wonder.  Often the paintings are coupled with poetry, adding a story with  the experience. 

A unique way of art making I have never before experienced. 

Judith firmly believes Art can instigate change.

Seeing the world through different eyes.

"My joy is to help you self correct to your own divine energy  who you really are, through creativity & wonder, opening your eyes to a whole new world of magic within".  Jude

~Marta R


2020 collection


03 clients

Clients include...  Fine Art investors, Art collectors, in Australia USA, Canada . 

Workshops conducted In the USA and Australia. 

Commissions undertaken on a considered basis.

Represented by Tacit Contemporary Gallery, Melb, Australia.


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Via email … judithnewmanartist@gmail.com


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