About Judith...

My Art is a series of  continual reinventing   commited to self discovery and emotion.  I see life as a series of experiences and an  opportunity for personal growth.

As I dive deeper and deeper in to the truth of who I am,  I see the freedom and clarity come forth in my art.

Movement and the visceral nature of the act of applying the paint itself is important in conveying the feeling of the end result.


 With unique  expression comes enormous  responsibility and integrity to ones self, and there is a lot of alone time in the process of art making for reflection.

Moving into the work, and into the spirit and essence of what i am  creating itself is important for me, its a complete experience.

My hope   is to evoke  a sensory  connection to what is within the viewer. 

As in Art so to  in life.

I also speak to people all over the World, about the importance of the sensory communication of Art, and on this level of surrender, and how to simply get in touch with, and live from this place Consciously. 

Contact Me

Tacit Art Galleries

Tel: 0432 323 188

Melbourne,  Australia



0484 331 298

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