About my art...

   I would  describe my art as a means of  pure expression, with no reference to the known world.

Movement and the visceral nature of the act of applying the paint and the sensual nature of the colours that speak to me,  all contribute in  conveying the feeling of the work of art.

I am simply the conduit to bring it forth. Once a piece is finished  my job is done. It can now go  out into the world.

 I believe with unique  expression comes enormous  responsibility and integrity, so  I need a lot of alone time in the process of art making, where I can shut off from the outside world.  I am aware that my energy goes into the work so I need to be totally present with it.

My hope   is to evoke  a sensory  connection  within the viewer to what is in front of them. 

As in Art so to  in life.

I am repeatedly asked to  speak to people, not only  about the importance of the sensory communication of Art, but also on this level of surrender, in everyday life, and how to simply get in touch with, and live from this place consciously,  in all area's of life. 

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Tacit Art Galleries

Tel: 0432 323 188

Melbourne,  Australia



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