Recognising Simplicity  Is for anyone who is ready to make the shift from the fog of suffering in human life ....   to recognise and  live  from your true nature which is effortless being, a place of stability and Freedom that is already here ...  And the vital recalibration & integration period following awakening, with a new understanding about your energy.   In a one to one consultation with Judith ...via Zoom,

IF you would like a 1 hour guidance sessions via Zoom    

please email me below... and I will send you the details.    

Namaste🙏🏼 ❤️


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Group  Meeting 

Join our monthly online Group meeting  here

First Sunday of each month. Here we address  any thing the group wishes. 

Simple Recognition. 
Effortless Being

One to one guidance  via 1 hr  Zoom call. 

 Recognising the Simplicity of your true nature, and  Effortlessly  resting  in that I AM. 

Follow up
Integration Guidance

Follow up sessions via Zoom  on integration  after recognition and living embodiment with tools and monthly group meetings

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