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A new way of relating...

Updated: Apr 12

The great awakening ... An epic time on the planet ... out with the old way of relating in (separation), and in with the new way of being as love.

Knowing thy self...

All energy is this being, this recognition, is the way forward, allowing all to be more compassionate, kind and caring of themselves and others, to be the example of love and kindness.

The past few months or years, may have been emotionally unsettling for some... releasing the past eons of lifetimes of how we related to one another. It is important to release the old way before moving forward. 

Recognising that all relationships were for experiencing, and evolving, ultimately bringing awareness of what we essentially are, by listening within and trusting our intuitive awareness.

In the new way, responsibility means recognition that we are already home, Free and complete, the end of longing and seeking for more.

The frequency of a being in separation may be challenged to understand this right away, it is part of the old way of needing and wanting more, in order to support the dualistic way of needing to feel powerful. That whole paradigm is run by the mind.

It labels, judges, argues & projects needing to feel powerful in its separate existence.

The paradox is quite clear, needing power is a sign that you are looking in the wrong place.

The mental body. This is the Mental body (perceived identity) integration. It takes clarity to see the tricks of the demiurge, when it comes to turning the ship around to the truth of being, that's why it is said "silence is the highest teaching". Turning inward to the body as your sensory guide, honour it, the sacred heart becomes the discerning tool, trust it.

New realities are within, beyond time & space, recognised in each other as the ever expanding field of being.

Reality is upgraded from material, to where it is made of Love. In death, you simply leave the material body, and merge with the most exquisite love of all that is. Now there is the possibility to merge with this love while still in the body. How Amazing !!!

Blessed be 🙏🏼

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