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Updated: May 7

What does it mean?

It is the sword of truth, used to cut through the jungle of old beliefs all based in fear & control ... it is the template of the limited human, programmed to believe they have no aption but to comply with the matrix... however, you cannot leave the matrix by battling it, Instead you transcend it. The matrix is the antiquated way of living that is no longer sustainable. Creating fear to distract humans from true creative sovereignty. It is time to leave all division behind.

The way out is ... awakening to the true being that is ever present, unlimited and free.

With clear recognition of the truth, one is free beyond all the known and conditioned old programming, and thus beyond the limited 5 human senses.

For example; One sees the futility in seeking, stability love or acceptance outside of ones self.

One may notice there is an increasing neutrality in both thoughts and emotions, this is the body of wisdom. This neutrality helps to withdraw energy and focus on what once was, and begins integrating all experiences into wisdom, The outside world looses its gravitational pull. Even memory seems to fade. It seems everything once thought to be real is no longer interesting. There are far more interesting realms to explore within. One is beyond time & space. Some may refer to the matrix as the illusion, but it is very real and tangible while in the game you didn't know you were playing.

 I must say, from my experience following the collapse of the illusion, there was an extended period of emptiness. A kind of lost feeling, as the identity was no longer there. Replaced by a gentleness, a softness, an innocense & purity, peaceful, silently resting in wisdom of knowing & sensing what's around. Then eventually Joy, excitement and imagination comes in as bliss begins to flow once more... creating a whole new world, beyond the old human template.

The infinite as self love, self acceptance, presence, and the fully integrated ONE.

The sword that had been stuck in the stone for eons is now pulled free...

Excalibur is the sword of truth not a weapon of war to be used against one another, for there is no other.

The ultimate truth is that at the core, all is a field of Love.

Namaste 🙏🏼

Excalibur is from the story of King Arthur of Avalon.

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