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Beyond Realisation!

And then one day it finally made sense,   that which had always been a passion to create beauty... was in fact to recognise that which was already present,  "Sophia the Goddess of Creation".  The great revelation, beyond Self Realisation.  I firmly believe creativity is humanity's lost connection to the Divine within.  Going beyond this reality.  I now share this with all those who are interested, so that we may all live lives of true beauty & creation.   Understanding creation on many levels, and your place in it.

There is so much more to Creating Art,   painting on canvas or words on a page.  Great Art,  like words of a  Sage, carries an energetic vibration that awakens a remembrance  within the viewer.  

 These talks are especially beneficial to those who have realised their true nature.  Now we dive into how to navigate these new energies.  The path of Wisdom... with deep understanding, softening and surrendering into the emptiness,  it is a dissolving process... Into the unformed, uncreated, open hearted awareness, gentle & loving.  No longer identified with the personality,   No longer goal oriented.  Resting in the silent emptiness. 

Now,  the path of inclusion is the joy of being love itself, The path of bliss. With  eyes open to a new way of seeing everything. Beauty is created, made manifest out of love itself.  Love knows only itself,  or consciousness recognising itself....  simply that.

The doorway to  sensory being-ness, that has laid dormant for lifetimes,  is now opened and true wholeness is now a choice of  true self love.  It's very exciting...

Come and join in Beyond Realisation talks or our The beauty of creation talks now... 

 Fill out contact details below and we will get back to you promptly... 🙏🏼

 The Beauty of Creation talks...

These talks are held on zoom ... with the wisdom of my personal experiences and the expansion that followed integration,  beyond realisation. Art & creativity,   Metaphysics,  understanding consciousness and energy,  Time & space, and multi dimensionality.  

It is recommended that you  realised true nature first before diving into this ...

* There are several unique aspects to these talks, the main aim is recognising the sensations in the    body,  as the dissolving begins,  it is a natural process.   The difference between fear, and the true self has been mastered. I would say it is the release of the ultimate fear,  which is death.  Then a fully integrated infinite awareness innocent and  free to imagine beyond the known into multi dimensionality revealed. The dissolving and recreating happens here.






This is an in house Fine Arts painting class.  Held once a week,  for 10 weeks based on school terms . 

* Structured in a way that activates the right side of the brain, (our intuitive, true nature)  which is love & wisdom. 

* When we relax,  we change our energy,  our perception changes.  and  how we see the world and each other also changes. 

* With relaxation comes a rebalancing of our whole nervous system.  From fear, control & resistance  to allowing expansion love & joy to flow through us,  bringing  the mind into balance  with our true nature which is love.

​* Music  is used to relax the body's nervous system, release stuck energy, easing into the flow of sensing and intuiting body sensation. 

* The benefit is more vitality, through accessing and expressing our own energy without outside distractions,  in a healthier positive way. 

* Relax and explore your authentic self , with  imagining, music, and movement in a safe joyful class ... 

 *It is recommended that you take the one on one virtual conversation on pointing to truth first. These talks are especially important for those who have already recognised their true nature. 

​True Nature talks are recorded for your personal reference only...

 All are welcome.

Art Classes...


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