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2022 Effortless Being in the unknown....

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

All our illusions were just a parade 🎶

All the reasons why ...

All the reasons are a lie...

Profound words of the #Visionary Maurice White of Earth Wind & fire

This #transformation has been

a massive undertaking for thousands of years

Overwhelming gratitude to the extremely evolved individuals

who shone their #authentic light

Of the sacred energy of truth for so many many years

This energy is within all ....

Yogis, Artists, Musicians, Poet's and speakers of truth....

helped collapse the old fear & control based #duality.


As the energy shifts in 2022 ....

The new looks nothing like the old...

Joy , Happiness and true abundance is within

When the bubble of delusion bursts

The recognition is that

It was all a dream

no=thing is the precious gift that can never be stolen,

manipulated or controlled.

And that is the difference

As an aspect of truth.

It has always been here

It is true self love.

Having let go of the personal "I "

One is found in silence

Music, Art, Poetry, Dance & Nature

the senses are expanded

in the nameless formless eternal

all separation dissolves

Boundaries are not needed

in the safety of ones true nature

Looking through the eyes of love

is all there is

There is only the eternal now

From which all is seen clearly.

All is grand from this knowing within

It is pure simple clean and clear

beyond just this physical identity

is so much more than life itself....

With wisdom & vulnerability integrated

The christ child purity is our gift to receive.

to walk in safety in many worlds

As we move forward into a Grand New year.

May love & respect for one another

be the higher way forward

not look down on another

Nor look up to another

from a wiser, kinder state of being

Seeing all as they are with respect

using our own inner guidance

as our compass of navigation

This is self love

This is true compassion.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

Please go to the contact page if you would like a session on recognising simplicity with me . Thank You for your support.

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