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Creating the perfect brew & More

Notice YOU are creating a magnificent day and glide in to enjoy every bit of magic as it unfolds throughout your day.... continue reading.

Welcome to my blog post, here I share information with you as an ongoing conversation & connection to uplift and assist you. There is also a group fb page where you can share updates about your art, trends, awareness, uplifting news, #newearthrising and more ...

Do you have a creative vision for today? there’s a pristine blank canvas just waiting for everyone of us to create our perfect day... just before you open your eyes, imagine what you would love it to be.... then leap out of bed with a big breath in.... Ahhhhhh!!!!😃 .
If you are new to this, you can use the tools available here .

It is my joy to inspire you to begin to take back #authority of your life... You matter here. I'll be posting loads of engaging content, so be sure to keep your #connection to this group as we explore more of what interests and #empowers us all. You are not alone, even if you are in the most remote part of the world, isn't that wonderful, to know that #technology has #united us in such an amazing way?😃

Relevant Content

What inspires and empowers me is to begin with my daily rituals ... as a former #yoga and #meditation teacher I know the value of balance and well being as fundamental for an expanded #consciousness ( my natural state) and unlimited creativity. It is all encompassing and this physical body is a fine instrument with which to experience everything. 🍑💃❤️☀️

This gives us the platform to connect so many like minded beings, who also want a better world... and it begins within you .

As we soar high above the noise, living as our own peaceful, joyous, colourful, magical world .


Jude x

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