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Updated: Oct 3

While the old world is falling apart, It is a blessed time of re-creation in the New world authenticity, transparency & honesty. it is important to have a clear perspective. Where are you looking from? ..

Awareness aware of itself .... from a journal entry 2014

"Driving down the freeway this afternoon, suddenly there was an awareness ... there is awareness of hands on the steering wheel, a feeling of exhilaration and joy at speeding down the freeway,... who is driving the car? there was also an awareness of all this happening. Hmmmm!! there's 3 ... at no point was I afraid of this experience, instead it felt warm and joyous.

I feel a great shift is taking place within, grateful to have my safe place to embody these changes. My son is home doing what he loves too, we both enjoy the peace and quiet to engage with our creativity. "

Now In 2021 .....

Words are insufficient, it becomes more sacred and less important to use language to describe the indescribable .

It is a feeling sense, beyond the distraction of an identity, (someone or something).

Having experienced this while standing in front of a painting by Mark Rothko at the National Gallery of Victoria.

The highest form of Art is to reveal the self.

A great painting draws one into a sense, that if recognised is felt as yourself. Just like a sunset or sunrise can draw you in to feeling one with it without the narrative of mind.

Everything is now seen as emanating from within,

Art has the ability in a pure way to convey our true nature, and the renaissance (rebirth) of True Creativity is available for all to experience now.

Just as the world is now waking up to the entrapment, and questioning the idea of freedom, look within.

Truth cannot be found outside ones self . This is what great Art points to...It is a mirror of ones self, everything is. Pointing you to who you already are.

Please listen to the video as well to get the full message...

Art has the ability to transform a viewer... what Rothko and many great artists were searching for was the truth of them selves.... beyond the concept of mind.

Rothko’s search for a new uncontaminated language for painting is the subject of the National Gallery of Victoria’s recently purchased Untitled (Red)2 1958 (fig. 1). It is characteristic of the best of the artist’s work of the fifties, by which time he had ruthlessly stripped painting of all illustration and narrative. Rothko substituted a simple composition of colour bands, weightlessly suspended over a luminous coloured ground. Of this highly reductive pictorial statement Rothko required much: that it communicate the initial religious experience felt by the artist as he made it, and that it embody human emotions and human drama which Rothko professed to be the central focus of his work. Colour, by imposing itself on the spectator, and by actively drawing him into its pictorial space, was to bear the burden of metaphysical content.3 This experience, what Dore Ashton has called ‘the state of being moved’4, is what is offered and contained in Rothko’s work.

We never were anything else. The identification of somewhere to get too, or someone to get from, is the seeking outside ourselves, as the endless identification with mind and it is ultimately not real.

We are already in the garden of eden, we don't have to go anywhere to find happiness.

Awareness reveals itself to itself, many many times a day... just like on a drive down the freeway 2014.

It's really very simple, I offer simple recognition of ones true nature, in 1 hour sessions via zoom, for anyone interested. Details are on the contact page on this website.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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