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Vulnerability and Authenticity... in all areas of life.

Updated: Jul 14, 2022

These writings are an expression of my own experience, a deeper look at ones self. They are offered as a guide to anyone who is awakening to their authentic self. 10 years ago I called these writings Mystic musings. I also offer guidance on request via email .

excerpt from journal 2017

It takes courage to stand alone...

I would go so far as to say it is impossible to be vulnerable/ authentic in mass #consciousness (hypnosis) without awareness and a strong connection to who we really are. Committment to inner integrity. It takes enormous strength to live this way. I am speaking from experience. Allowing other people and our own thoughts and actions with discernment can be tricky. However it is the ultimate act of knowingness/ #Freedom .


"This is my sovereign domain NO #hypnosis or #manipulation allowed and no energy feeding... PERIOD".

One of my favourite Artists, #AgnesMartin lived in a remote part of New Mexico and kept a gun at the door, she said to keep out unwanted visitors... (I dig her jive🤣). a bit extreme, although I understand her reasoning, she was a realised soul being, and there is an innocence and purity about this state. Often seen as a vulnerability ripe for exploitation, by the reptilian brain reality, which is like living in the jungle with wild animals.

Hard to remain in this world, that's why the yogi's left for the hills and isolation. #Authenticity/#vulnerability creates wonder, takes your breath away simply by being in its/their presence, great art has the same effect.

The imbalanced ego/ power is in all humans both male and female, and it thrives on discombobulating others, in order to gain superiority/power, this is energy feeding.

This is an ignorant self indulgence. However wisdom remains undisturbed, it observes the play of duality, and walks away.

So how does one create a balance between these two opposing energies? by waking up from the dream. And if that means copping a masters punch👊🏼 or 2👊🏼👊🏼 ... it shall be so.

A Master has ZERO tolerance for the narcissists ego dramas.

The shift of ages that the world is in right now is what I point to ... for those who are ready to claim back their sovereignty/ Freedom.

As a creator being (which we all are) authenticity and truth are absolutely vital, as is courage and bravery, to trust ones own unique tone, allow it to emerge, the wisdom to find the deeper connection to self and the courage to stand alone.

This means taking down the barriers we held in place in order to survive in the jungle, or to follow the crowd and not rock the boat ie; family, culture, religion etc.

Creativity is one way to our connection to the senses/ source , it needs nothing to sustain itself, because it is itself, completely free, therefore it can give birth to magnificent creations over and over again.

"You are only free when you realise you belong no place - you belong everyplace - no place at all. The price is high, The reward is great. " quote Maya Angelo.

This is a paradigm shift of the new decade, I feel a complete flip in #Hierarchy with the convergence from the intellectual to the Sensual ... now wouldn't that be timely. Great art is created from the place beyond mind and never with money or recognition as the motive, to that end I couldn't go past this classic. ... The famous Banksy art auction at Sotheby's. At the drop of the auctioneers hammer at $1.4 million the painting slipped out from under the frame... shredded... to the horrified gasp from the crowd. This to me was a perfect metaphor for looking externally for a sense of worth, validation, love or anything else.

Art is meant to be shared, it is an experience. Was Banksy a master manipulator or a Genius at getting an important message across? depends how you look at it I suppose.

Being aware does not judge or criticise or get involved in mass consciousness... this is the way of the master.

We are not here to change anyone, instead, to simply be the change ourselves.

I noticed I have become extremely intolerant of the opinions or projections of unconscious humans, the feeling of "get out of my space" has been very apparent with me lately, It only comes with clear knowing. I must be channelling Agnes.... hmmm🤨!!

In this video Agnes describes exactly what it takes to have a clear mind, and the narrative that runs most minds over and over again, as a bad gas.

There is the power driven virus, that holds the lower matrix in place, an it is within each person.

The Massive Quantum Shift required is a commitment from each person. It takes absolute #selfmastery , a complete death of the old, before one wakes up from the dream. You simply cannot take your mind with you.

Take a deep breath and allow, open up to accept the inner artist within, and Integrate.

Being whole, #expansive, limitless, free,... the joy and lightness of being rising up from within, is beyond the dream. Where creation is without reference to mind. Welcome to Abstraction, Expressionism, Orphism and more... IT IS TIME FOR THE CREATORS AND VISIONARIES TO SHINE ... a new way forward for all .



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