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The Christmas Gift...

Updated: Dec 9, 2022

For all going through immense change right now, I hope this resonates, I hope this helps...

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Thank you everyone for all you do to expand your awareness 🙏🏼💖.

There is a difference between knowledge and wisdom ....

After awakening there is a time of seeking. Having a Guru, teacher, channel or books is an important part of the process of awakening and a thirst for knowledge takes one on a search far and wide often for many years. There is respect & gratitude for all forms of teachings.

Then comes a point when one may experience depression frustration and loneliness in the seemingly endless search... often not knowing what one is searching for. This is often because the information overload is just that, more information. It is a way the human mind is programmed for external feeding, and now that human identity is dissolving.

Wisdom however is a different thing altogether. It is recognising the witness of it all, the failures, pains, losses, sadness etc; fully witnessing the experiences of the emotional body & transcending it all into wisdom. Then witnessing the same with the mental body.

Having gone to the depths to see the programming of mind, how we played the game of life, unconsciously in order to survive in duality. One recognises it IS the light in the dark cave. Rising from the ashes with complete understanding how it all works from within. One now knows how to navigate energies both seen & unseen. Removing all the perceptions and projections of others that felt like heavy coats placed upon the human body, they were never yours. Watching the old stories simply dissolve in amusement, ... It was simply a character perceived and projected 😃💖 to transcend a limitation. The dramas are all seen as a mirage. It's simply different points of view. Finally there is clear seeing, ever expanding awareness.


I am all that is. Aware consciousness in a body. No one can give this to you, only point to that which is you.

This is now HUGE BEYOND THE KNOWN REALITY. It is HOME. The passion of the soul is to know itself.

This is the wisdom of expanded consciousness . . . nothing exists without my aware consciousness. . . and everything exists within my consciousness.

... this is what resonates as home, knowing I AM the one.

Reclaiming the joy & love of life, now the age of Aquarius (satYuga) can begin to take shape... and yet it may not be clear how to proceed forward quite yet for the masses, because it has never been done before by each being.

GET READY.... soon it will be very clear who you really are ... and the wisdom & knowing, will replace the stumbling in the dark,. Be guided only by your heart & intuition. Sensory perception is now sharp and very clear. Step into true authorship as an aware being.

This is the true self, not a concept of mind. It is sacred energy, no force, no domination, no agenda, simply emanating, speaking & creating truth.

Respect & Love for one another returns when you realise you are consciousness, everyone & everything is as well . Namaste means the unconditional love that I am acknowledging the unconditional love that you are.

Right now value the silence, peace & deep inward focus, having learned to trust intuition fully.

Love, Goddess energy, positive abundance & happiness flow freely from an authentic soul

Blessings to all,

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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