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Giving Thanks...

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

For the magnificence of all that is...

Having recognised the true self.

One must have also understood the illusory state.

Now the love of the true self shines forth.

This softness sees beauty every where.

Like an Artist softening her gaze to capture the beauty of the light

the harsh contrast of the shadows gradually disappear.

Few words spoken.

One needs no energy from outside.

Instead basks in the beauty of the magnificence all around.

She opens doors from within.

And walks through many, into the beauty and magnificence of the many mansions (realms) that lie within.

This is true nature of existence ,

The limitlessness of all that is,

Life cannot be destroyed, it can only change form.

True Abundance in joy, and gratitude for having experienced

the illusion of separate world.

The feeling of bliss is here,

One is Home.

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