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All that is....

This morning I awoke with the clear seeing of what my experiences as a human on the planet had been. Although I have had a knowing of this before, it was never as clear and expansive as this. Pardon me for this short back story... As a child I felt different from others, more sensory, and as a result more vulnerable to the harshness of other individuals, so I learnt to doubt my self and my heart. Fast forward to today & in "no time" everything is clear. A few weeks ago in dream time i saw a figure standing in an open field wearing a white robe, at first I thought Jesus, then later I recalled that on awakening one morning a few months ago I felt my spirit enter through my crown and I was off on my daily activity.

I do believe it is akin to dying to the separate self and now is a whole new way, if we want it. Living true & authentic as awareness itself, or a body of light.

There is a clarity filtering in about dark energy, and why I have been in a place of no earthly desires for a while, It was the bridge created by realm workers, (of which I am one) yet had no idea what I had done until now. The bridge was created that we no longer have to leave the body in death, instead we are a body of light with the ability to slip in and out of existence when we desire to. I'm sensing there is so much more to unravel on this.

As for the Earthly experience, It was about transcending limitations. NO GUILT, NO SHAME, NO EXTERNAL AUTHORITY... because there is none, it is all the experience of mind story that plays out, until exhausted. Eventually, honouring the soft, sensory intuitive self, courageous and free to be and live as an Embodied Master of New Energy either here on earth or beyond or indeed both ...

Today is a beautiful sunny Saturday, at first thought I should be out there, but no, it is even more beautiful internally. So here I sit with a cup of tea and the warm internal sun shining brightly as I write this. I'm sure there are others who are also having stunning revelations, please do share 🤩.

"A Joy of being, and the vitality of letting our Heart Light Shine " is the true self and with it all the blessings are ours. Every soul IS truly free to create beyond what a mind could ever imagine.

Namaste 💖🙏🏼

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