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Art, Communication and Perception...

Updated: May 9, 2023

Sorry slight Title change.

Recently I posted a short video about Art and why some works of art are so expensive. The 15 million price tag for a painting by American artist Cy Twombly got an immediate reaction ... "I'm in the wrong business, I can do that" quipped one person, without watching the video. Nothing new, I'm sure many artists have encountered this in their career. Fortunately some artists are not as sensitive as poor Vincent. Maybe cutting off his ear was a statement of being confused at hearing that he was mentally unstable, and helpless at how to remain balanced in a world that was mental 🙃.

And then there was Salvador Dali's melting clocks, dissolving the concept of time... He was Grand and he believed it. What indeed is real? and is it value, or simply perception?

There is a way of appreciating art, and indeed all of creation, and it comes with a recognition /resonance... deep within.

Since 2020 I have been painting with gold pigment, not fully embracing the significance to the coming "Golden Age", until recently.

When one realises that everything is their own energy... Art and Poetry take on a whole new meaning. In particular it is a way of communication that is beyond the conceptual reality, beyond the spoken word. The true essence, that is in fact each one of us. It is where authentic communication /expression comes from. It doesn't have to be only abstract Art. Some works are clearly seen as good art, because they resonate with that part of the viewer that the artist has accessed in order to create the piece. On the other hand that same piece may not resonate with another viewer in the same way, WHY? For example it may cause a reaction of resistance, judgement or ridicule, never the less it still caused a sensation.... even if only for the purpose of Discernment.

All communication has a resonance.

So I propose a new way of looking and speaking ... consciously being aware of where you the viewer are coming from before communicating. Being open to a new way of being authentic in our interactions with others, allowing where ever the other is, or gently lifting the energy.

The old is being cleared away and the new reality being birthed at the same time.

It takes time for the antiquated way of being in separation to dissolve. Separation is the absence of love. Not romantic love, but a deep peace/safety that is our essential being, as source, right here, now. My mantra is TAO ... Trust Allow Open.

Maybe we need to be silent, and consciously rest in being, for a while, when we feel off balance. Be gentle with self and others.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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