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Understanding energy...

Updated: Nov 3, 2023

As awareness recognises itself , there's a clarity of what it means to shine a light without agenda.

It begins with the shift from personalisation (a somebody), to simply a field of awareness (nobody). It also coincides with the shift from outside noise & validation, to recognising inner peace, and maintaining ones natural state at all costs.

This past weekend of the Powerful solar eclipse in libra, was exactly one of those, with energies all over the place.

An image arose the week prior. A pink cube and a gold heart ..;. the mind no longer doubts or questions what they are,... the message reveals itself gently.

The message was , an opportunity for "No more duality" The cube represented equal sides, (perspectives), and the golden heart represented the openness and clarity of self realised beings, with the ability to see all sides equally, yet remain neutral in all situations.

Simply watching without labels, or the need to correct others, or to save anyone. A personal identity may say that's heartless & uncaring. However, it is the clearest way to contain ones own energy, as well as understanding what it means to shine our light.

Recognising that the whole human game is about understanding energy.

What does it mean to remain neutral... it is a desire less state, because one is already all that is, Home is here... Here is the wisdom to recognise true Love, joy and freedom.

And here is also the demiurge energy ... the need to control, dominate or take from another.

Ultimately what everyone wants is freedom, but some are simply going about it in childish ways, of defiance, while others may choose ignoring. either way does not mean freedom.

Be silent, and go within ... The light is here to end the darkness. 🙏🏼💖

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