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Updated: Dec 22, 2022

Take a deep breath and relax into the energy of joy that this music transmits...

As a follow on from last months post...

Some may be still feeling the release of stuck energy from the solar plexus,

which pulls one into gravity through negative emotions.

If you feel intensity, breath deeply observing it is just energy passing through the body.

The way out maybe to speak your truth, however, only from the true self, never from the ego.

Always remember, any negative emotion is only yours to release.

Scorpio is represented by the snake/venom in its lower form, or the Eagle in the higher form.

So the deep dive of the month of scorpio was vital in uncovering the hidden treasure.

The solar plexus also represents the central sun or I AM.

The heaviness now becomes light.

The tiredness can be celebrated as transcendence.

And the celebration of freedom is here now.

Get ready to shine...

Take a deep breath and relax into the energy of joy that is your true nature...

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