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Full Disclosure

Like most of us, I have spent most of my life as a nobody, even writing the word nobody makes me laugh out loud now. My true identity remained a secret (literally) until after the death of my mother and all concerned. So with no one who could shed light on my knowing, it was mental body & physical body over & over & over again until all buttons were done being triggered, and the metaphoric body remained on the operating table with barely a pulse left.

Is she dead? for a few years I drifted in nothingness, wondering what's next, I can't stand being around humans and the outside world seems so old and boring.

At pivotal points in life, I had recognised my self through Art and artists ...

The effortless being, letting go, and vulnerability required to bring forth a totally unique piece, needs total trust and openness to the unknown. It risks being unwanted, unworthy, and ridiculed, however, An artist knows full well it was calling to be birthed. The work of Art was the real ME.

Now looking at the body of work I produced from 2015 onwards, I was painting significant messages of transformation, my transformation. In 2016 I painted the blue square... a significant message for NOW, a point of time line convergence. Often the messages we all get are similar, but there is a tone or colour signature that is uniquely ours, and everyone has a necessary piece of the puzzle .

What comes next? well currently there's the paintings of stunning rich blue tones, blue/ black crows, the significance? Wisdom & transcendence . Full expansion/ disclosure of what I AM. Having walked through identity death there is nothing left to fear. After all, the true identity can never be lost, but was hidden for good reason. It has been deliberately slow and steady so as not to blow the circuits. I see that everything was, and is in perfect divine order. I am here and all is well.

Judith Newman.

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