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Grand expansion.

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

Beyond the limitations of the mind & into the grand expansion that is you.

This morning as I sit in silence and marvel in wonderment of everything around me. The sensory feeling is always fresh, always new, even my cosy dressing gown that I love cuddling up in on a cold morning, all takes place within me.

The ever expanding freedom the safety and love I had always wanted is right here.

Just as your smiling face is taking place within you and reflected back through the mirror. It is such an easy flip, when the real you reveals itself, and the identity is seen as the puppet. It has done a good job of creating and experiencing an outside world full of drama & struggle, temporary power & control, alas it was all a temporary act, A movie.

Now remain in this eternal peaceful & joyous place that is home, #TrueFreedom.

In the age of accelerated technology, ... Learn to recognise that we have free technology within our body, much more powerful than A I.

For a personal session with me please go to the Effortless Being page on this website and fill in the contact form below.

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