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Gravity exists in linear mind.

Updated: Feb 8

Believe me it is a real thing. Yeah !! not fun for an Artist actually experiencing FULL SPECTRUM GRAVITY , it rattles when one is about to leave the restrictions of mind.

This article is just a snippet of my experience in 2015-16.

Already a free spirit when the battle began, I even heard the word discombobulated, had to google it.

I recognised the laws of the old world were challenging me in every way. Angry & confused at every stupid rule I would no longer comply with.

In 2019 I packed up my studio and went on a holiday sad and despondent.

No longer fighting the laws of gravity,  I suddenly began to see everything in a whole new way. After this I began writing about famous Art from my new perspective, look out for the book "Discombobulated Artist" 😂 coming out soon. Since then I cannot even describe the clarity that has been right here filtering in perfectly. Fortunately I did not slash the paintings and throw them in the trash. Interesting words Free Spirit vs Despondent (low spirit).

A perfect reminder that the old world of conformity no longer exists, nor do I have a battle with anything or anyone still choosing to be in it.

OUR unique authentic expression is the strength and positive energy the world needs.

My whole life I had not understood why I seemed to be going in the opposite direction to everyone else, forced to comply with outdated thinking. Now I know how ones energy is compromised. I was the Sat Yogi, Free spirit, living in the chaos of the end of the Iron Age (Kali Yuga), ... predator energy bound by rules & laws of Maya. The death rattle of Maya (illusion), will come when one is about to fully awaken to what is real. Detach from Maya and establish The Kingdom in silence & peace 💜. May you dwell in eternal bliss.

Namaste 🙏🏼💖

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