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Lifting up ....

Updated: Jan 31, 2023

Humanity has come through a huge shift .

Last weekend I experienced a call to be silent and present throughout this shift and then the words "Mission accomplished" a day later.

With the time lag of physical reality I saw that the heaviness, pain and extreme intensity was felt most of last week with a culmination the past 2 days. When stuck energy is moving out it feels like a heavy compression.

This morning the energy feels lighter. Hopefully humanity is seeing beyond the veil of illusion and now has the opportunity to claim back its own life force.

Acknowledging the many compassionate awakened souls who have accepted their own self realisation ... this lifts the morphic resonance to assist others to also lift up, you then begin to see with new eyes, what has always been right here that you never noticed before. Showing humanity that you are the true wealth, and your life-force is your precious gift, that can never be lost or stolen. These are the greatest teachers, that are or have been in your life at one time or another...

THIS IS THE SHIFT.... from where you gave away your true value through external focus... to what's been within each one that has often been overlooked, and that is the most valuable asset we are, it is our birth right.

It is that we are Consciousness having a human experience.

Namaste 🙏🏼

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