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Updated: Oct 24, 2022

Excerpt from my journal 2014 & 2017

The surprising recognition occurred one glorious sunny day, as Judith was singing & driving down the freeway on her way home after setting up her solo exhibition ... Who was driving the car? it was an exhilarating recognition. at first there seemed to be more than herself, an observer and hands on the wheel.

This was the beginning of the realisation that ....

There is no separate " I ".... There is simply awareness... not two.

This recognition was profound.

Seeing the whole human game like grasping at space.

The perceived identity (separate self) is simply a series of experiences...

One can dive in and have fun experiencing or get sucked down a rabbit hole of identification .

now in 2022 ...

There is immense gratitude for the experience of contrast ... it was a blessing, to know that anyone can create any image of me in their mind, but I know I AM not that, I am so much more than the limited human mind....

The death of the identity can be painful, or so much more powerful than I could have ever imagined .

The identity was just a thought that was projected on us and we took that on, and built a character based on that, and on & on it went.

Freedom is not found in the projected dream ... but through realising you are the dreamer of the dream....

It must be said here that, It is not the human mind that does the realising. The ultimate act is to die to the concept of the projected identity, before you physically die... or the higher way is we realise we are only a thought, we were never born and therefore never die.

What is seen with the eyes is one perspective, like a character in a play.

If truth is what one seeks, then turn inward lovingly.

It is a subtle yet profound shift of perspective.

What is being played out in the outer world one could say is the dissolving of the power plays... no one is believing this story anymore... But it is the perceived identity that's grasping so tightly to the illusion of the story being real. It is also the Grand opportunity for an Awakening world. Going into the Age of Aquarius or Sat Yuga.... clearing out the illusion of power.

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