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How I incorporate tea into my daily flow...

Creating a blog post for me is like creating anything... it is tuning in to my energy and flowing with it, what is relevant comes forth, and it is just perfect for who ever needs it at the time to continue reading, because it is blessed with the energy of sharing...

Welcome to my blog post, here I share information with you as an ongoing conversation & connection to uplift and assist you. There is also a group page where you can share updates about your art, trends, awareness, uplifting news, #NewEarthRising and more ..

Welcome to this first pointing, it is for any type of creativity, painting, music, dance, and especially Life in general it may all appear to be creatively focused but with one distinct difference... This is what I aim to clarify, and share the tools to navigate the dimensions of deeper intelligence, your own wealth within. This takes time so first things first...

Living with Ease and Flow...

Do you have a structure in mind for your day? now I would like you to be still for a moment...Breath, observe your breath, observe where this is coming from... observe, is it a thought (head) or a feeling (body) or a knowing (can't articulate where)??. This observation is vital... allow it to come to you with ease... breath, and go for a walk outside if it is becoming stress full ... it may take a few attempts to get this, don't worry there is nothing to do.... it is only a recognition. Close your eyes if you need to and calmly observe.

So many people today are #stressed #confused and #frantic, why ? because they have lost this #connection to themselves. Here I will show you how to recognise this and reconnect to the part of you that is begging to be allowed to help you if you will only turn towards it.

Getting inspired

So, I have shared my morning #ritual with you already. Now, let me take you a little further...

get your cup of your favourite brew sit it down, now get up and begin to move... oh! I forgot turn on the music 😃.

Dance like nobody is watching, because no body is, It gives me such joy and excitement to be able to share this with you. It is important to get the whole body involved in moving energy around.

Keep going

The best way to keep up with all the changes around us, is to be in your centre and have fun with life. And Creativity is the best opportunity to be heard in a way, in a different and unconventional way.

Join me for video's and more posts on staying positive and finding your passion.

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